Hurricane, Community, and #ABstrong

A few weeks ago the Carolinas were bracing for a hurricane that was shaping up to be more threatening than anything we’ve seen for decades.  Coastal communities prepared the best they could for the worst.  The destruction wrought up and down the coast was major.  People are still trying to put their lives back together.  

I have family and friends who weathered this storm, and a cousin who shared a post about #ABstrong - Atlantic Beach strong.  With my cousin’s help and suggestions, I created the car decals.  I’m amazed at the interest and requests for orders.  I’m so glad people like them and want to put them on their vehicles.  As a small-scale crafter, I’m not equipped with machines that mass produce.  Each decal, like all of my other products, are made one at a time.  I hope my customers aren’t too upset about the wait.

I’ll end this post with some pictures to help explain my decal-making process.  It takes a lot of precision and care due to the details and layering - working with sticky adhesive and vinyl.  Relaxing, time-consuming, and rewarding!

ABstrong decal process



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